About us

In 2009 came into force in Andorra's law on company accounting. At this time we saw the opportunity to have our office and accounting advice that would cover the need to have employers Andorra. During these years, new laws have been introduced in Andorra (Income Tax for Non Residents, General Indirect Tax, Corporation Tax and the last tax income of individuals) that have made had to complement our range of services to both businesses and independent country. This whole package of laws together with the foreign investment law, which opened the door for foreign companies implanted in our country is doing already spent many years working and having a significant level of growth in the business network Andorran.




Our mission is to provide the best services to areas accounting, tax, employment, new business creation, foreign investment management, financial advisory, tax planning and tax advice that our clients need.


These services we provide within a framework of ethics, objectivity and integrity with a multidisciplinary team of finance, tax and legal we can offer the best solutions to the challenges of our customers.


Righteousness before the ethics and standards of professional ethics: our professionals are committed to carrying out its task within the existing legal framework and under the strictest compliance with the principle of confidentiality.


Since 2009 when we established our company we have had a vocation of service companies to provide the necessary to achieve its social objectives tools. We want to be recognized as a professional, close and serious business with quality services.

This is our way

Advantia Asesores is a firm of tax and financial consultancy based in Andorra. We work in the areas of auditing, tax and accounting planning and financial consulting, and entrepreneurship in Andorra. We provide integrated solutions and a full range of services necessary for the efficient operation of their businesses in Andorra. Our services range from the creation of the company, accounting, financial management, planning and tax returns and representations of the Immigration Department residence in Andorra for shareholders or managers. In Andorra since 2009 to make available our experience and knowledge to get the path of return on their investments.

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