E-commerce Andorra


Before we get started on talking about the E-Commerce in Andorra shouldn’t we… Explain first of all what is the E-Commerce and most of all, talk a little about Andorra, As some would say, first thing first right?

E-Commerce? Andorra? Let us explain

E-Commerce is the concept globally known as the process where two or more people make exchanges or businesses using computers and internet, it is also known as online business or such, they use online networks as platforms for this process, and before it was not that accessible, but since the internet came, the e-commerce field has been greatly improved over the years, being accessible to most people with internet connection and the money to do so.

Andorra on the other side is a European princedom that is found near Spain and France, it’s mostly a touristic country, it has a lot of great activities for anyone who would want to visit the place, and also it is known for being a place that brings a lot of benefits to any business, enterprise or even freelance workers. That’s because it’s a great place with pretty low taxes and PIT, in any case, e-commerce is no exception in this case.

E-Commerce on Andorra

Andorra is known amongst clients as a place of great variety and quality products and services, a lot of new products and investors have taken eye on Andorra as a place of great market opportunity and this is just expanding with the new economic model, as we said even freelancers are being well received and pretty well paid. E-commerce is also expanding to reach every person in Andorra, as the competence is good too.

Andorra has some pretty attractive taxation for the International B2B level marketing, but the interest on developing new ways for the B2C market, that means market to the consumer directly, and the platform everybody is using in Andorra is the internet. A lot of people are making petitions about this topic and the long distance internet sales from Andorra are being motivated by the competitive taxation of only 4.5%, even if it’s not always applicable.

E-Commerce management and good projections

E-commerce sales are being managed and made by the seller’s own fulfillment, FBA Amazon or drop shipping, but this is projected to grow into other delivery and selling online services. The best time to start an online business is Andorra is anytime, the market is ever evolving and always expanding, also as it’s a country that welcomes a lot of tourists annually, it’ almost impossible that a business wouldn’t sell anything, as a fact, the possibility of having a good selling business is really high.

One most also have in count that Andorra prepares some kind of black Friday for the Spanish market, so that’s another big chance of marketing online and getting high selling values amongst the Spanish market, If you earn their trust on buying your good quality products then you almost have total success assured. Also adding if you work by yourself autonomously the chances is that you’re going to save a lot of money if your business is starting up slowly, as the taxes for autonomous or free lancers are lower when they make less than an established percentage of money monthly or annually.