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Legal administration

Legal administration

Put your trust in Advantia Assessors for the legal administration of your company or business in Andorra. We take care of all the documentation and/or compulsory procedures during any stage of the lifecycle of your corporation or company; from its creation, to daily administration, or even liquidation should the time come.

Thanks to their specialised legal knowledge of the country, our team of professionals can guarantee that your company will maintain strict compliance with the obligations and commitments required by Andorran law.

The administration of a company requires planning and strategy, irrespective of its size. And despite attention typically being focused on economic factors, legal advice must not be pushed into the background. Particularly when we are unfamiliar with the laws and regulations of the country where we have launched our business.

Access to professional support that provides legal and legislative advice is essential for resolving potential setbacks and being certain of compliance with the current laws and regulations.

What benefits will I receive from having a legal administrator?

To have Advantia Assessors as the legal administrator of your company is to have reassurance that your Andorran business is operating in accordance with the country’s laws. We support you with all the documentation and procedures that are required to create your company, and also with a range of other services that you may need, for example:

  • Potential changes to your corporation
  • The creation and/or revision of contracts
  • The submission of procedures to the Andorran administration
  • The registration of the brand or commercial name
  • The acquisition or sale of stocks and shares

Ultimately, we will be at your side throughout the lifecycle of your business so you only need to worry about growing your company and achieving the established goals.

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