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Management and trust services

Management and trust services

We provide independent administrators to companies that work with operations teams and transaction advisors. This way, we can reassure the investor and provide safety in the knowledge that their obligations and needs are taken care of.

Our experienced, independent and skilled professionals will help you to manage and operate with total confidence. This way, your equity and assets are retained, protected and transferred as you require, while always preserving the confidentiality of investor identities.

How can we help you?

  • Our management and trust specialists actively listen to our clients, adapting our services to their individual needs.
  • We handle the legal responsibilities to ensure adequate compliance with the terms of the trust.

We are able to complement our commitments with other services, such as:

  • Taking responsibility for accounting and tax tasks
  • Coordinating and organising meetings and other conferences
  • Preparing minutes and other reports
  • Reviewing financial accounts and transactions

As your fiduciary provider, the support of Advantia Assessors affords a range of benefits, including:

  • High quality and experienced administrators who are chosen for their qualifications, skills and experience of trust administration.
  • An unparalleled provider in Andorra; in addition to fiduciary services, we offer you support in areas such as accounting, tax compliance, and secretarial and reports services.

If you are seeking experts who you can rely on to assist you with the administration and operations of your business in Andorra, count on Advantia Assessors.