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Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

Recent years have seen important changes in Andorra at the regulatory and legislative level. Whether your company has been established in Andorra for some time, or you are considering opening a business in this country, it is essential that you comply with the existing regulatory framework.

Our Compliance services help Andorran companies to adhere to the regulatory framework. We conduct customised studies regarding the legal and regulatory requirements that affect your business, thereby identifying the policies and procedures which will guarantee that your company complies with the applicable regulatory framework. It is important to emphasise that we work on regulatory compliance at the national, international and internal levels.

Regulatory compliance must be part of the culture of the organisation, which means your employees must be able to internalise it. We train the key personnel at the company (managers, employees and related agents) for this purpose.

3 basic functions are identified for regulatory compliance:

Risk prevention:
Through the study of the company’s activity, we identify potential infringements of the regulations so the required controls can be determined while employees and managers are trained in regulatory compliance.
Detection of deficiencies:
We pinpoint any deficiencies in regulatory compliance controls and work to appropriately recover them.
We regularly notify the company’s senior management of the risks of a regulatory infraction, any shortcomings in the detection systems, and the corrective measures that will be devised.

For businesses, being able to count on Compliance support means avoiding the conflicts and negative consequences of regulatory non-compliance, while also boosting the reputation of the company.

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