Fitch Ratings upgrades Andorra to an A- ratinG                              

In its latest rating, of 8th July, Fitch Ratings upgraded Andorra to A-, with a stable outlook. This is the …
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Policies to improve purchasing power                       

The Andorran government has submitted a draft law with a series of measures aimed at improving the purchasing power of …
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The IMF forecasts a strong post-pandemic recovery for Andorra

According to the IMF, the forecast looks good for a recovery of the Andorran economy this year, with a view …
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Personal income tax (IRPF) in Andorra

The income tax campaign in Andorra began in April and you have until 30th September to file your tax return …
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Andorra’s new data protection law comes into effect in May 2022

Andorra’s new data protection law, “Llei 29 2021, del 28 d’octubre, qualificada de protecció de dades personals” (LQPD), will enter …
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Changes to the Spanish tax form 720 for declaration of assets and rights abroad    

On 27th January, 2022, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled on the Spanish tax form 720, which …
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Fintech innovations and trends for 2022                                     

Just like all other business sectors, 2022 will bring new innovations and trends for fintech. The last two years have …
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Non-residents in Spain can now pay income tax from Andorra

If you have a property in Spain as a second home in which to spend your holidays or for letting, …
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Andorra modifies its corporate tax regulations to allow online filing of tax returns

Andorra modifies its corporate tax regulations to allow online filing of tax returns

The Andorran tax system is being modernised with a commitment to creating new online portals for filing tax returns. As …
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Investing in real estate in Andorra

In this article we cover what you need to take into account when buying a house or any other type …
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Andorra to cap interchange fees for card-based payment transactions

The Government of Andorra is passing a bill to cap the maximum percentage that can be charged for interchange fees …
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The new international agreement on Corporation Tax will not affect Andorra.

A new reform of the tax system, driven by the G-7 countries, is imminent. This is the result of an international …
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