Domiciliation and management of companies

Domiciliation and management of companies

If you are considering creating your company in Andorra, or you have already done so but do not have your own head office, Advantia Assessors can provide you with a physical address for the social domiciliation of your company. This will mean that an address in Andorra is assigned as your fiscal head office, with all the benefits that this brings. From your address in Andorra, we will manage the receipt and procedures related to postal and electronic mail.

The types of company domiciliation that you can obtain are as follows:

Social Domiciliation:
The place in which the administration and address of your company is located, or where your main establishment or operation resides, and which is used on deeds and in the Company Register.
Fiscal Domiciliation:
The registered address of the taxpayer in terms of their dealings with the Tax Authorities (the address to which the authorities will send tax notices).

Our team will complete all the necessary procedures as quickly as possible so you won’t have to worry about a thing, apart from making a significant saving on the management of your mail and documentation.

Contact us and together we can determine the best company domiciliation and management option for your business in Andorra.