Payroll service

Payroll service

With Advantia Assesors’ Payroll Service you can quickly and easily manage every process related to the personnel of your company in Andorra, while also being certain that these processes are being carried out in accordance with the standards and regulations that are specific to this country.

Our broad experience of the business sector allows us to provide the support that companies need to outsource the duties of the human resources department. In the case of larger companies, our support enables internal human resources departments to focus on strategically important tasks that bring more value to the company, such as the planning and management of professional careers, with an associated reduction in the costs of each process.

In all cases, our professionals guarantee effective management of the staff of your business, not to mention strict compliance with the Andorran labour and social security legislation.


What does our payroll service include for companies in Andorra?

We unburden Andorran companies from the work of one of the most sensitive areas in any organisation:

  • Drafting of contracts for new hires
  • Renewal of contracts
  • Registration and deregistration of employees in CASS (Social Security)
  • Declaration of absences for reasons of health/illness
  • Declaration of workplace accidents
  • Payroll calculation
  • Publishing employer bulletins
  • Monthly payroll declaration to CASS

Security and confidentiality for the processes of preparing and outsourcing the payroll of our clients.