Management of real estate investment vehicles

Management of real estate investment vehicles

Advantia’s experience in the Andorran market enables us to provide comprehensive advice when selecting the real estate investment vehicle that is most suitable for your needs and objectives, along with complete administrative management.

Our objective is that, in your position as an investor, you will only need to worry about your investment in Andorra, while leaving administrative and management tasks in our capable hands. Among the services we offer, we would like to highlight:

  • All the processes required to incorporate your company in Andorra
  • Administration of your corporation/company in Andorra
  • Management of accounting
  • Outsourcing and treasury management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Directorship

Our support for the administration of your real estate investment vehicles affords your company the following benefits:

Our experience:

Knowledge of the local particularities and regulations enables us to give you the best advice on structuring different investment vehicles based on each project.

Transparent management:

You will regularly receive a detailed activity report which provides a comprehensive view of the management of your investments and the profitability of your asset portfolio.

Personalised treatment:

Our team of professionals will be constantly at your side to provide guidance and support for all your business management needs in Andorra while ensuring total confidentiality.

If you need to protect your investments, diversify your portfolio, maximise your returns and choose an investment vehicle that is tailored to your strategy, don’t think twice about relying on Advantia Assessors.