Tax advisory services

Tax advisory services

We all want to secure our investments and receive the maximum benefit. At Advantia Assessors, we recommend that our clients make their investments in the most fiscally efficient way possible.

What do we do?

Our team conduct studies of business structures to fiscally optimise investments, both at a national and international level.

We also take care of all the procedures that natural persons, self-employed persons, companies and corporations must comply with in order to properly manage their fiscal and tax processes with regard to the Andorran Public Administration.

Among our duties, declaring all types of personal and business taxes in Andorra is noteworthy:

  • General Indirect Tax (IGI)
  • Corporation Tax (IS)
  • Income tax for natural persons (IRPF)
  • Income tax for non-residents (IRNR)
  • Tax on property transfers
  • Capital gains tax
  • Customs excise duties
  • Tax on gambling activities

Other measures that add value to your business

Our tax advisors will not only ensure compliance with all your tax obligations and those of your business in Andorra, they will also advise you on how to proceed in a manner that secures discounts and important savings for your business.

The activities we perform in this field include

  • A study of the initiation of business activity (for new clients)
  • Analysis, selection and proposal of potential subsidies, deductions or incentives associated with the business activity of our clients
  • Constant control of the business activity of our clients to determine the best legally applicable fiscal strategies

Rest assured that your investments are being made in the most fiscally efficient way possible. Contact us now!