Treasury management

Treasury management

Our treasury management service gives companies the opportunity to outsource cash management and the control of bank charges and payments, as well as short- and long-term cash forecasts. We can also manage intercompany loans to finance the running of companies. The outsourcing of cash-flow helps companies to improve the efficiency of their operations, along with the productivity of the treasury department. At the same time, the financial assets of the company are protected (due to proper internal control and the treasury management information being integrated so the company constantly has reliable and relevant data to guide decision making in the financial realm).

Specifics of the treasury management services:

  • Preparation of charge and payment forecasts, with detailed control of compliance and deviation analysis
  • Outsourcing and management of the treasury (payments to suppliers and employees)
  • Management of the company’s liquidity and cash-flow forecasts
  • Reconciliation of accounting entries
  • Review and evaluation of administrative and accounting control tools
  • Control, centralisation, registration and processing of revenue and bank payments resulting from both collections from customers and authorised payments to suppliers and personnel
  • Intercompany financing
  • Relations with banks
  • Control and management of risk
  • Debt management (credit, overdraft, financing)
  • Preparation of reports and valuable information for business decisions

Treasury outsourcing (whether total or partial) provides companies with a minimum of one of the following benefits:

  • Cost reduction (human, applications, etc.)
  • Implementation of improvements to treasury processes
  • Enables the company to focus on its core business and generating value
  • Staying continuously up-to-date on the field of treasury management techniques

We put our experience in your hands to help you improve the efficiency of the treasury operations of your company or business in Andorra.