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Who we are

10 years and more than 500 satisfied customers

We are a rapidly expanding Andorran company. With 10 years of experience and presence in the Andorran market, we have witnessed first-hand the transformation of Andorra at both an accounting and financial level, and we have been participants in this evolution alongside our clients.

This process began in 2009, when the Law on Entrepreneur Accounting came into effect. It would be followed by the Law on Income Tax of Non-Tax Residents, the Law on Revenue from Economic Activities, the Law on General Indirect Tax (IGI), the Law on Corporation Tax and the Law on Income Tax of Natural Persons.

10 years of intense legislative activity in the accounting and financial sector have concluded with the Law on Foreign Investment in Andorra. A law that has opened the doors of our country to the introduction of foreign businesses and inspired our team of professionals to offer their services to both Andorran and foreign companies.


Our mission is to provide the services that our clients need in the accounting, tax, labour, company creation, investment, financial advisory, planning and taxation fields.


Since our company was launched in 2009, we have maintained our vocation as a service that provides the tools our clients need to achieve their social objectives. We want to be recognised as a professional, reliable and responsible company that provides high-quality professional services.


Rigorous adherence to the ethics and norms of professional ethics: our professionals are committed to performing their professional duties within the existing legal framework and in strict compliance with the principle of confidentiality.


We provide our services within a framework of ethics, objectivity and integrity. Our multidisciplinary team is experienced in finance, taxation and legality, and strives to provide optimal solutions to the challenges faced by our clients.

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