Accounting and reports

Accounting and reports

Accounting records are a vital foundation for maintaining the health of your Andorran company’s financial considerations. Accounting information is of great value to the management of your company. Our monitoring reports will give you a clear and comprehensive perspective of the economic performance of your business, allowing you to make the optimal decisions for the future of your company or corporation.

The team of professionals at Advantia Assessors is responsible for:

  • The management of accounting at your company in Andorra
  • The preparation of the annual accounts, which must be deposited in the Dipòsit de Comptes of the Government of Andorra in accordance with that which is established in the existing legislation
  • In addition, we prepare all the business monitoring and equity change reports for your company, the most notable of which include the reports for profit and loss accounts, budget monitoring and treasury management. We support you with our accounting management and specific reports so you have the data you need to plan the sustainable growth of your company in Andorra. Optimal support that ensures profitability in the medium and long term.

Who needs to keep accounts in Andorra?

Article 1, paragraph 1 of the revised text of the “Law on Entrepreneur Accounting” establishes the obligation for entrepreneurs to keep organised accounts that are appropriate to the nature and extent of their activity.


Who is considered an entrepreneur in Andorra?

According to section 2 of the same article, entrepreneurs are considered to be:

  • Natural persons who conduct business or professional activities
  • Commercial corporations and other legal entities
  •  Other entities, with or without legal personality, that constitute an economic unit or a separate asset will be considered entrepreneurs if they conduct business or professional activities.

The additional provision of the consolidated text states that: “all entrepreneurs (not corporations) are obligated to deposit their annual accounts in the Registre de dipòsit de comptes. Entrepreneurs in the form of a public limited company or limited liability company will be governed by the applicable legislation. Other entrepreneurs with annual income of less than €150,000 are excluded from this obligation.”

Trust Advantia Assessors to stay on top of all your accounting obligations in Andorra, as well as the reports you need for decision making at your company.