The creation of new companies, subsidiaries, and relocating businesses

The creation of new companies, subsidiaries, and relocating businesses

In recent years, legislative changes have fostered a favourable environment for the entry of foreign companies into Andorra. As a result, companies and corporations are establishing themselves in our territory in an effort to benefit, in a completely legal manner, from more beneficial tax conditions.

Advantia Assessors provides a comprehensive range of services for creating new companies in Andorra. We can also guide you through establishing subsidiaries of already consolidated companies or relocating businesses, while also guaranteeing:

  • Complete compliance with Andorran legislation
  • Freedom from worry about all the necessary procedures, safe in the knowledge that they will be completed diligently and as quickly as possible

What procedures do we carry out?

We take care of all the processes and steps that are required to create your company in Andorra:

  • Drafting of by-laws
  • Requesting the Administrative Identification Number for investors
  • Applying for the foreign investment permit
  • Reserving the company name
  • Applying for the trade permit from the común (council)
  • Support when opening an account with national banks
  • Accompaniment when meeting the notary public for the purpose of signing the creation of a company or subsidiary

In the case of company transfers, we take care of all the arrangements with the company register so the company can be transferred to the destination country without losing its legal personality at any point.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of creating a company or corporation in Andorra, along with the necessary requirements and formalities? Consult our Create a Company in Andorra section