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Law governing the digital economy, entrepreneurship and innovation

On 1st December, the Andorran Parliament approved Law 42/2022 governing the Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The aim of this law is to provide the means to develop and promote new business opportunities in the digital sector and that of the new technologies in Andorra. By creating a strong, secure and trustworthy legal framework it also aims to create favourable conditions in which local and foreign investors can promote their activities. Table of contents: Regulation of areas and facilities Start-ups …

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Guide to opening a business in Andorra in 2023                                                     

The Principality has become a magnet for foreign businessmen wishing to set up in Andorra and take advantage of its many benefits. These include its excellent taxation conditions, its high quality of life and its geographical location between France and Spain, with good communications. In 2021 alone, 916 applications for foreign investment were approved and formalised. This demonstrates the Principality’s great potential. If you are thinking of opening a business in Andorra from abroad, this article is for you. Table …

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Andorra will prove to be Europe’s second-fastest growing country, according to the IMF   

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts that growth in Andorra will prove to be the second-fastest in Europe in 2022, after Ireland. It also points out that its progression will be higher than that of our neighbouring countries France and Spain, and will be above the average for the Eurozone. Table of contents: Forecast growth Annual Meeting of the IMF Measures that have strengthened Andorra’s position Investing in Andorra Forecast growth Every year, the IMF report assesses the prospects for …

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Foreign investment grows for another year in Andorra

The number of foreign investment applications in Andorra and the volume of initial investment declared grew substantially in 2021. Figures have improved compared to the pre-pandemic period, with results well above those of 2020. These are the conclusions after analysing the figures that the Government’s statistics department has shown in its report. All the relevant data are summarised for you here. Table of contents 1. Growth in the number of applications submitted 2. Nearly 1,000 foreign investment requests were approved …

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Andorra presents a strategic plan that will position the country as a world leader in eSports

A new strategic plan has been developed to boost eSports in Andorra, a sector that is experiencing non-stop growth worldwide. Alongside the eSports law approved in April (Llei 8/2021, del 29 d’abril, d’esports electrònics), this project is essential for driving the sector and attracting new companies to the country. As a result, new business opportunities are emerging for companies and individuals who want to become self-employed and thrive in eSports. This project will be a catalyst that will help to …

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Andorra will welcome a pioneering research centre from Grifols

Grifols will be creating a pioneering complex for scientific and health research in Andorra. The Andorran government and the pharmaceutical holding company have announced an agreement to develop a research centre that will begin operating in 2023. A new project that will position Andorra at the cutting edge of scientific research Pharmaceutical company Grifols has chosen Andorra as the location for an immunology research centre that will focus on finding new therapies and cures for immune system conditions. Location is …

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Andorra a little closer and better connected, thanks to the airport

Establishing good connections to improve access to the principality and reduce distances is a top priority. Despite the enclave being set in the heart of the Pyrenees, which doesn’t make things easy, Andorra is working tirelessly to improve communications. For this reason, Andorra-La Seu Airport is already well on the way to becoming a reality, as part of the efforts to increase the country’s connectivity. Andorra-La Seu Airport, a continuity project It is important for Andorra to have an airport …

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Why are Spanish YouTubers moving house to Andorra?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about El Rubius’ emigration from Spain for fiscal reasons. But… is he only moving so that he can pay less tax? Apart from the lighter fiscal burden, what other attractions can YouTubers find in Andorra? We talked about this with Josep Garcia, a co-founder and director of Advantia Assessors.  Why are YouTubers coming to live in Andorra? One of their main reasons for coming is doubtless the lighter fiscal burden, which allows …

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New business opportunities for launching a company in Andorra

Andorra is well on its way to becoming a benchmark for mountain sports innovation thanks to the agreement signed with technology company Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft (GSIC). The GSIC focuses on providing coverage and helping companies in the world of sport to promote their projects globally and create tech-based business opportunities. This new agreement will allow Andorra to attract international companies and startups that are interested in developing tech projects in the snow, mountain and cycling sports …

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Blockchain in Andorra: increasingly close to regulatory law

Andorra is working on a regulatory framework for blockchain technology that will open the door to the regulation of cryptocurrencies. As there are currently no regulations in force to legislate this type of activity, the principality could be one of the first countries to have its own legislation. Andorra and blockchain: another step towards digital transformation This is one of the 77 initiatives proposed by the government in Horitzó 23, Andorra’s economic plan. The digital transformation section includes a modification …

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