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Changes to the Spanish tax form 720 for declaration of assets and rights abroad    

On 27th January, 2022, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled on the Spanish tax form 720, which obliges holders of accounts in financial institutions, securities, assets, property, virtual currencies or life assurance with a purchase value that exceeds 50,000 euros, and who are resident in Spain, to inform the Spanish Tax Agency about their property and other assets abroad. According to the CJEU, the terms of the form are contrary to EU law, so Spain will have …

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Investing in real estate in Andorra

In this article we cover what you need to take into account when buying a house or any other type of property in Andorra, the procedure you will have to follow and what kind of real estate you can buy. Whether you’re planning to live in Andorra or you’re looking to buy a second home as a real estate investment, this article is for you! Table of Contents Buying a property in Andorra The procedure for acquiring a property in …

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Increase in the number of foreign investment applications in Andorra in the first half of 2021

After an atypical year 2020, in which economic activity was also strongly disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, the number of foreign investment applications in Andorra increased strongly during the first half of 2021. Data presented by the Minister of Economy a few days ago reveal an increase in direct investment authorisations: 535 authorisations have been granted, 93% more than the same period in 2019 and 254% more than in 2020. These figures show that the 2020 slowdown does not represent …

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Requests from foreigners to invest in Andorra have increased

Andorra has piqued the interest of foreign investors who want to establish themselves in the country during this very unusual year. So far in 2020, around 400 applications for foreign investment have been registered.   Remote working triggers requests The new situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the need to adopt new ways of working due to social distancing. A consequence of this is that remote working is becoming increasingly common, which, along with a more competitive …

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Foreign investment in Andorra grew in 2019

In July, the statistics department of the Andorran government will present its annual report on foreign investment and the conclusions drawn from it will be positive. In 2019, the volume of declared initial investment hit 337 million euros, representing growth of 88.1%. However, submitted requests decreased by 13%. Positive foreign investment requests 584 applications for foreign investment were submitted to the administration, 541 of which were accepted. Even though this is 73 less requests than in 2018 (-11.8%), investments were …

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Create a company in Andorra and keep living in the UK: Is that legal?

This question could apply to the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, or any other European country where the level of corporate and personal tax is much higher than that of our Principality. Without a doubt, this is one of the questions most frequently posed by businesspeople and entrepreneurs who are intrigued by Andorra’s attractive tax policy but who want to remain in their customary place of residence. Creating a company in Andorra and living abroad is perfectly legal That answers that …

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Andorra is no longer a tax haven, but it still retains its investment appeal

The days when Andorra featured on the EU list of tax havens are long gone. The legal tax reforms introduced in Andorra and the creation of a tax system that is equivalent to the European one have helped to remove the country from the black list. Nevertheless, our country is still a highly attractive option for foreign investment. Simple foreign investment If a company wishes to base itself in Andorra, it can be very easy to accomplish. Although companies must …

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Te ayudamos a crear una sociedad en Andorra

How to create a company in Andorra

The benefits of Andorra’s tax system are obvious when compared to the vast majority of European countries, which makes it an incredibly attractive location for the creation of companies and corporations. In addition, Andorra boasts a very high level of personal safety (it has one of the lowest national crime rates worldwide), a superb health and education system, and a per capita income that is among the highest in the world. Andorra is the perfect country for investment and business, …

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Requirements for purchasing a flat in Andorra

So you’ve fallen in love with Andorra. Don’t worry. It’s practically inevitable once you’ve visited a couple of times and ventured outside of the city centre. You’ve succumbed to the charms of the country of the Pyrenees and you’re thinking about purchasing a property in Andorra. But do you know how? Let us tell you! Purchasing a property in Andorra Legislative changes in recent decades have made it much easier to purchase a flat or apartment in Andorra today, even …

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SICAVs in Andorra: an alternative for tax savings

SICAVs, which are very attractive for substantial fortunes, are collective investment institutions which facilitate tax savings. Even if these companies with variable capital are not exclusive to Andorra, they are very interesting tax-saving vehicles, as they are taxed at 0% for corporate income tax. Moreover, dividends paid to Andorran shareholders are also exempt from tax. Types of SICAV in Andorra These investment vehicles are authorised and regulated by the Andorran Financial Authority (AFA), the supervisor of the financial system in …

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