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In its latest rating, Fitch Ratings gives Andorra an A-

Despite the global geopolitical context, Fitch Ratings has maintained Andorra’s A- rating with a stable outlook – the same rating and outlook that the Principality received in July 2022. In its latest assessment (at the end of April), the agency positively assessed factors such as last year’s growth in GDP, efficient debt management and the resilience of Andorra’s banking sector, among others. And in some cases, Andorra outperforms other countries rated at the same level, as we show below. Table …

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Fitch Ratings upgrades Andorra to an A- rating                              

In its latest rating, of 8th July, Fitch Ratings upgraded Andorra to A-, with a stable outlook. This is the Principality’s highest rating to date. In the previous report, of January, 2022, the Principality was rated BBB+. Both the improvement in public finances and the reduction in the debt-to-GDP ratio were much better than forecast at the beginning of the year, and were the reasons why Fitch Ratings awarded Andorra an A- rating. Among other factors, the report also highlights …

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