taxes in Andorra



Taxes in Andorra compared to other countries

Most investors are attracted to Andorra for its low tax rates, which are much more competitive than France, Spain and other European countries. Below, you can find the differences between the main taxes in Andorra and the United Kingdom. If you’re considering moving your company to the principality, this article will tell you everything you need to know. Andorran VAT While VAT in Spain is 21%, in France is 20% and the average for European countries is almost 21%, in …

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Why are Spanish YouTubers moving house to Andorra?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about El Rubius’ emigration from Spain for fiscal reasons. But… is he only moving so that he can pay less tax? Apart from the lighter fiscal burden, what other attractions can YouTubers find in Andorra? We talked about this with Josep Garcia, a co-founder and director of Advantia Assessors.  Why are YouTubers coming to live in Andorra? One of their main reasons for coming is doubtless the lighter fiscal burden, which allows …

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