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Andorra becomes the 190th member of the IMF

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Andorra is now an official member of the International Monetary Fund. Last September, the Consell General (the Andorran parliament) approved the submission of its application to become a member of the IMF. Although negotiations began in January of this year, Andorra’s relationship with this institution is not new. Last Friday, October 16th, the process culminated with the accession of the Principality to the Fund. Andorra’s accession to the International Monetary Fund Becoming part of the IMF is important to Andorra …

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Andorra formally applies for membership of the IMF

Last January, Andorra initiated the formal procedures for obtaining membership of the International Monetary Fund. Admission to this organisation will provide the principality with international solvency, which will in turn contribute to improving the country’s rating. Inclusion in the IMF, which currently comprises 189 member states, will mean that Andorra will no longer be among the five countries that are currently members of the United Nations but not part of the International Monetary Fund. What will IMF membership mean for …

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