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In its latest rating, Fitch Ratings gives Andorra an A-

Despite the global geopolitical context, Fitch Ratings has maintained Andorra’s A- rating with a stable outlook – the same rating and outlook that the Principality received in July 2022. In its latest assessment (at the end of April), the agency positively assessed factors such as last year’s growth in GDP, efficient debt management and the resilience of Andorra’s banking sector, among others. And in some cases, Andorra outperforms other countries rated at the same level, as we show below. Table …

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Guide to opening a business in Andorra in 2023                                                     

The Principality has become a magnet for foreign businessmen wishing to set up in Andorra and take advantage of its many benefits. These include its excellent taxation conditions, its high quality of life and its geographical location between France and Spain, with good communications. In 2021 alone, 916 applications for foreign investment were approved and formalised. This demonstrates the Principality’s great potential. If you are thinking of opening a business in Andorra from abroad, this article is for you. Table …

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Andorra will welcome a pioneering research centre from Grifols

Grifols will be creating a pioneering complex for scientific and health research in Andorra. The Andorran government and the pharmaceutical holding company have announced an agreement to develop a research centre that will begin operating in 2023. A new project that will position Andorra at the cutting edge of scientific research Pharmaceutical company Grifols has chosen Andorra as the location for an immunology research centre that will focus on finding new therapies and cures for immune system conditions. Location is …

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Geneva International Group

Advantia Assessors, a new member of Geneva Group International

Advantia Assessors has joined Geneva Group International (GGI), a global alliance of independent professional firms, which has been represented in Andorra since September. Expert advice on a global scale As a member of GGI, Advantia Assessors can supplement their current knowledge and experience with world-class international resources, enabling better advice on a global scale.The significant international presence of Geneva Group International ensures constant support from local experts in operations that require internationalisation.This high-level contact network allows us to offer effective …

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Requirements for purchasing a flat in Andorra

So you’ve fallen in love with Andorra. Don’t worry. It’s practically inevitable once you’ve visited a couple of times and ventured outside of the city centre. You’ve succumbed to the charms of the country of the Pyrenees and you’re thinking about purchasing a property in Andorra. But do you know how? Let us tell you! Purchasing a property in Andorra Legislative changes in recent decades have made it much easier to purchase a flat or apartment in Andorra today, even …

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