economic measures



Andorra receives positive assessments from the rating agencies

Despite the crisis caused by the pandemic, thanks to the economic measures implemented by the Andorran government, international agencies have given a positive assessment of the country’s credit rating. According to Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings, the country’s credit rating is BBB/A-2 and BBB+, respectively, with a stable outlook, and it is also believed that the principality can weather the negative effects of the pandemic.   Fitch Ratings emphasised that the increase in unemployment has been modest despite the …

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Additional economic measures to deal with the effects of Covid-19

Following the first economic measures, approved on 23rd March, Andorra has just approved a second package of aid and benefits to complement and reinforce the initial measures. The aim of these changes is to protect jobs as far as possible, to preserve the productive fabric and guarantee the continuance of the welfare state. These measures are taken in accordance with the principles of joint responsibility and proportionality. The main innovations are listed below: Measures affecting employment Approval has been given …

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