Policies to improve purchasing power                       

The Andorran government has submitted a draft law with a series of measures aimed at improving the purchasing power of its citizens. Price increases due to inflation, combined with the negative economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, have caused families to experience a considerable reduction in their purchasing power. The package of economic and social proposals first appeared at the end of April, followed by the draft law to give them emergency status on 7 June, although some of these …

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Fintech innovations and trends for 2022                                     

Just like all other business sectors, 2022 will bring new innovations and trends for fintech. The last two years have been shaped by huge social changes as we adapt to the circumstances caused by the pandemic, and some of these changes are here to stay. Of particular note are the growth of e-commerce and the rise of online payments; social distancing and the increased use of contactless payment methods in place of cash; and security, or rather cybersecurity, which is …

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