How much tax do you pay in Andorra?                       

If you’ve been considering investing in Andorra, one of the factors that probably made you choose our country is the low tax burden compared to your place of residence. The good quality of life, natural surroundings and ideal geographical location between Spain and France are just some of the other aspects that are most attractive to people looking to invest in our small country. Table of contents: Taxation in Andorra Corporate tax in Andorra Personal Income Tax IGI: Andorran VAT …

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Andorra is one of the smallest states in Europe and the only country in the world with a parliamentary co-principality. But these are not the only peculiarities of the Principality. Its small size, its geographical enclave, its political tradition and other historical factors have given Andorra a special relationship with the European Union. Table of contents Before and after 1990 Customs Union Agreement and TEC (Common External Tariff) Customs Union and Consumption Tax Agreement Customs Union Agreement and travellers’ duty-free …

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Guide to opening a business in Andorra in 2023                                                     

The Principality has become a magnet for foreign businessmen wishing to set up in Andorra and take advantage of its many benefits. These include its excellent taxation conditions, its high quality of life and its geographical location between France and Spain, with good communications. In 2021 alone, 916 applications for foreign investment were approved and formalised. This demonstrates the Principality’s great potential. If you are thinking of opening a business in Andorra from abroad, this article is for you. Table …

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New law governing digital assets and blockchain in Andorra                                                    

Andorra has approved the digital assets law that regulates cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. More specifically, it is Law 24/2022, of 30th June, governing the digital representation of assets by means of cryptography, distributed ledger technology and blockchain. The purpose of this law is to position the country as a reference in new technology and as an attractive place for foreign companies and investors who want to establish themselves with projects connected with this area. To that end, the Government has …

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Draft law to modify the law governing foreign investment in Andorra                            

The draft to modify the 2012 law governing foreign investment in Andorra has been presented. The main aims of this reform are to conform to other countries’ standards in this field and to streamline the procedure for certain investments. Apart from this major change, the new regulatory framework also provides for a system of subsequent control and for a penalty system, neither of which existed previously. It is worth noting that foreign investment currently represents 18.7% of Andorra’s GDP, and …

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Changes to the Spanish tax form 720 for declaration of assets and rights abroad    

On 27th January, 2022, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled on the Spanish tax form 720, which obliges holders of accounts in financial institutions, securities, assets, property, virtual currencies or life assurance with a purchase value that exceeds 50,000 euros, and who are resident in Spain, to inform the Spanish Tax Agency about their property and other assets abroad. According to the CJEU, the terms of the form are contrary to EU law, so Spain will have …

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Non-residents in Spain can now pay income tax from Andorra

If you have a property in Spain as a second home in which to spend your holidays or for letting, this article will be of interest to you. You may not know that, even if you do not have a residence or live permanently in Spain, you have to declare and pay taxes on the property that you own on Spanish territory. You will have to submit the Non-Resident Income Tax (NRIT) return in Spain. In this article we give …

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Andorra modifies its corporate tax regulations to allow online filing of tax returns

The Andorran tax system is being modernised with a commitment to creating new online portals for filing tax returns. As a result, the regulations governing corporate tax and income tax for non-resident taxpayers have been modified to include new forms that are being made available to allow online filing. From this year onwards, Corporation Tax and IRNR tax returns can only be filed through the virtual office of the Andorran government’s tax and duties department. In addition to these two …

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The new international agreement on Corporation Tax will not affect Andorra.

A new reform of the tax system, driven by the G-7 countries, is imminent. This is the result of an international agreement to maintain a worldwide minimum rate of corporation tax. In fact, countries from the G-20 and institutions such as the OECD and the European Union have been searching for this agreement for years. Although it is expected to be a reform that will be implemented by most of the states that are members of those organizations, it will not …

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New portal for filing tax returns online in Andorra

Desde el pasado mes de julio, ya es posible hacer la declaración en línea de dos otros impuestos de Andorra. Since last July, it has been possible to file two other Andorran taxes online. In June, the Andorran Cabinet of Ministers approved the modification of the regulations for corporate income tax and income tax for non-resident taxpayers to allow the filing of returns through a new web portal.  This follows on from the personal income tax (IRPF), which it has …

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