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Andorra modifies its corporate tax regulations to allow online filing of tax returns

The Andorran tax system is being modernised with a commitment to creating new online portals for filing tax returns. As a result, the regulations governing corporate tax and income tax for non-resident taxpayers have been modified to include new forms that are being made available to allow online filing. From this year onwards, Corporation Tax and IRNR tax returns can only be filed through the virtual office of the Andorran government’s tax and duties department. In addition to these two …

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Why are Spanish YouTubers moving house to Andorra?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about El Rubius’ emigration from Spain for fiscal reasons. But… is he only moving so that he can pay less tax? Apart from the lighter fiscal burden, what other attractions can YouTubers find in Andorra? We talked about this with Josep Garcia, a co-founder and director of Advantia Assessors.  Why are YouTubers coming to live in Andorra? One of their main reasons for coming is doubtless the lighter fiscal burden, which allows …

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What benefits are there for new investors who want to live in Andorra?

Andorra continues to be a hot and trending topic in the Spanish media, after Spain’s biggest YouTuber, El Rubius, announced he was moving his residence to the principality. The possibility of living in Andorra is also attracting increasing interest from other types of foreign investors, not just content creators and digital nomads. New investor demographics In the last year, interest in permanently relocating to Andorra has increased by 15 to 20%, according to data from the Diari d’Andorra. Two main …

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Tax on empty properties in Andorra

The Andorran government approved the introduction of a new tax on empty properties in December of last year. This fee falls under law 3/2019, governing urgent measures in relation to housing rental. Tax on empty properties This new tax has been designed to regulate the flat and house rental market and to improve access to affordable housing. This type of property is becoming scarce at the moment, due to increased sales and a rise in tourist accommodation driven by new …

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Andorran taxpayer’s calendar

Below you will find the tax calendar for the payment and settlement of the main taxes in Andorra. General Indirect Tax (IGI) The settlement of Andorran VAT depends on the annual turnover from the previous year: – Half-yearly (January and July): businesses with a turnover of less than 250,000 euros – Quarterly (January, April, July and October): businesses with a turnover of between 250,000 euros and 3,600,000 euros – Monthly: companies with an annual turnover in Andorra of more than …

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Requests from foreigners to invest in Andorra have increased

Andorra has piqued the interest of foreign investors who want to establish themselves in the country during this very unusual year. So far in 2020, around 400 applications for foreign investment have been registered.   Remote working triggers requests The new situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the need to adopt new ways of working due to social distancing. A consequence of this is that remote working is becoming increasingly common, which, along with a more competitive …

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Andorra Tax Calendar – 4th quarter

We’re heading into the final stretch of the year! To make your work easier, we’ve prepared a list of the last taxes that need to be paid in Andorra during the fourth quarter of the year: from September to December. You can find the list below with the corresponding link for each form. OCTOBER 2020 Personal income tax (IRPF) The settlement and payment period begins for withholdings and payments on account for work income not subject to the CASS and …

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Impuestos Andorra 2º Trimestre

Taxes in Andorra

The evolution of Andorra’s activities and economic structure has meant that the tax system has had to develop in parallel. The most significant change has been the shift from a tax system based almost entirely on indirect fees to the implementation of direct taxes. The advantage? This direct taxation is homologous with other countries around the world. Which entities collect tax in Andorra? In Andorra, taxes are collected through the comús (local councils) and the government. The comús are responsible …

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Create a company in Andorra and keep living in the UK: Is that legal?

This question could apply to the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, or any other European country where the level of corporate and personal tax is much higher than that of our Principality. Without a doubt, this is one of the questions most frequently posed by businesspeople and entrepreneurs who are intrigued by Andorra’s attractive tax policy but who want to remain in their customary place of residence. Creating a company in Andorra and living abroad is perfectly legal That answers that …

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Andorra is no longer a tax haven, but it still retains its investment appeal

The days when Andorra featured on the EU list of tax havens are long gone. The legal tax reforms introduced in Andorra and the creation of a tax system that is equivalent to the European one have helped to remove the country from the black list. Nevertheless, our country is still a highly attractive option for foreign investment. Simple foreign investment If a company wishes to base itself in Andorra, it can be very easy to accomplish. Although companies must …

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