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Why are Spanish YouTubers moving house to Andorra?

This article has been revised and updated in accordance with the latest amendments to Andorran regulations. Updated August 2023. At the time, there was a lot of talk about the expatriation from Spain of El Rubius, a Spanish Youtuber, for tax reasons. What other attractions do youtubers find in Andorra apart from the lower tax burden? We talked about it at the height of the controversy in 2019 with Josep Garcia, co-founder and director of Advantia Assessors.  Why are YouTubers …

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30th September: the last day for filing the personal income tax return in Andorra.

The last date for filing the Income Tax Return is 30th September. We explain, below, everything you need to know about this tax in Andorra. Income tax in Andorra Andorra, with a maximum rate of 10%, has one of the lowest income tax rates in Europe. Moreover, for taxpayers whose net income is between 24,001 and 40,000 euros, the tax rate is only 5%. This relatively new tax has existed in Andorra since 2015. The collection period is from 1st …

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