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How Andorra’s banking system works: the keys to understanding Andorran banking

One of the most interesting aspects of our country is the way in which the Andorran banking and financial system works. For this reason, in this article we are going to explain the most important characteristics of that system. You will certainly find it useful to know about them if you are thinking of moving here. Table of contents: Information about banking in Andorra Activities and services offered by banks in Andorra Andorra is part of the SEPA zone Bodies …

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Guide to opening a business in Andorra in 2023                                                     

The Principality has become a magnet for foreign businessmen wishing to set up in Andorra and take advantage of its many benefits. These include its excellent taxation conditions, its high quality of life and its geographical location between France and Spain, with good communications. In 2021 alone, 916 applications for foreign investment were approved and formalised. This demonstrates the Principality’s great potential. If you are thinking of opening a business in Andorra from abroad, this article is for you. Table …

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What benefits are there for new investors who want to live in Andorra?

Andorra continues to be a hot and trending topic in the Spanish media, after Spain’s biggest YouTuber, El Rubius, announced he was moving his residence to the principality. The possibility of living in Andorra is also attracting increasing interest from other types of foreign investors, not just content creators and digital nomads. New investor demographics In the last year, interest in permanently relocating to Andorra has increased by 15 to 20%, according to data from the Diari d’Andorra. Two main …

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Andorra gains more residents in 2019 and increases its population by almost 2%

The latest figures provided by the Statistical Office of the Government of Andorra show an increase of almost 1,400 people, which represents a 1.8% growth of the total population. Of the Principality of Andorra’s 77,543 inhabitants, 28.9% (22,480 people) live in the capital, Andorra la Vella. The second most populous parish is the centrally located Escaldes-Engordany, with 14,599 inhabitants (18.8% of the total). Ordino and Canillo are the least populated areas, with only 6.4 and 5.6% of the total population, …

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Tax residency in Andorra for traders, advisors, models, YouTubers, influencers or programmers

It is a fact that residing in Andorra on a permanent basis is a very attractive option for some citizens of Spain, France and other European countries. In addition to a high quality of life and the enchanting landscapes, Andorra offers them the opportunity to pay less tax on the income derived from their wealth or professional activities than they otherwise would in their country of origin. We have already taken an in-depth look at the benefits of tax residency …

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AAlthough Andorra is no longer a tax haven, it is undeniably a very appealing country for sporting, science and cultural personalities. After the signing of more than 20 exchange of information conventions between our principality and countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands, among others (you can see the details of all the countries here), Andorra was removed from the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) blacklist. In addition, Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) …

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Passive residency in Andorra

Andorra offers two different types of residence permits: active residency (linked to a work permit in the principality) and tax residency (also known as passive residency). In the last decade, the legislative evolution of Andorra in terms of tax matters has led to increased interest in obtaining tax residency in the country, especially among businesspeople, elite sportspersons and public figures. Acquiring a residence permit is essential for any foreigner who spends more than 90 days a year in Andorra. Residency …

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Living in Andorra

If you have got this far, it is because you have heard about our little principality and you are contemplating the possibility of coming to live in Andorra. Andorra, a country that is unique in the world Andorra, officially the Principality of Andorra, is Europe’s largest microstate; an independent country covering 468 km2 with around 75,000 inhabitants. Just 5% of our territory is covered by urban areas and infrastructures, leaving the rest as nature intended. Andorra has a unique political …

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Vivir en Andorra


You only live once, so if you don’t feel comfortable in the city where you currently reside, what are you waiting for? I can tell you the best way to start or continue living the good life: move to Andorra, alone or with your family. Andorra is a peaceful and cosmopolitan country near Spain and France. Its citizens speak English, Catalan, French and Spanish and enjoy a good lifestyle. Andorra also boasts one of the world’s best healthcare systems. It …

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Conseguir tu residencia en Andorra


The desire to live in Andorra has grown over time and many citizens of the world have chosen this country as their permanent residence. This is due to the diverse range of attractions that the principality offers, which certainly make it a location where anyone would be happy to settle permanently. Andorra is notable among other countries for its high level of safety, good quality of life, gorgeous natural environment, an educational and health system that make it the envy of …

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