Create a company in Andorra and keep living in the UK: Is that legal?

This question could apply to the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, or any other European country where the level of corporate and personal tax is much higher than that of our Principality. Without a doubt, this is one of the questions most frequently posed by businesspeople and entrepreneurs who are intrigued by Andorra’s attractive tax policy but who want to remain in their customary place of residence. Table of contents: Creating a company in Andorra and living abroad is perfectly legalShould …

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Vivir en Andorra

The benefits of living in Andorra

If you’re considering a new start and you’re looking for a country where you can live comfortably, moving to Andorra, either alone or with your family, is a great option.The principality is a peaceful and cosmopolitan country nestled between Spain and France with a population who speak Catalan, Spanish and French fluently thanks to the proximity to these countries. Residents are surrounded by outstanding natural beauty and enjoy a high quality of life thanks to one of the world’s best …

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Non-residents in Spain can now pay income tax from Andorra

If you have a property in Spain as a second home in which to spend your holidays or for letting, this article will be of interest to you. You may not know that, even if you do not have a residence or live permanently in Spain, you have to declare and pay taxes on the property that you own on Spanish territory. You will have to submit the Non-Resident Income Tax (NRIT) return in Spain. In this article we give …

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Andorra modifies its corporate tax regulations to allow online filing of tax returns

The Andorran tax system is being modernised with a commitment to creating new online portals for filing tax returns. As a result, the regulations governing corporate tax and income tax for non-resident taxpayers have been modified to include new forms that are being made available to allow online filing. From this year onwards, Corporation Tax and IRNR tax returns can only be filed through the virtual office of the Andorran government’s tax and duties department. In addition to these two …

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Investing in real estate in Andorra

In this article we cover what you need to take into account when buying a house or any other type of property in Andorra, the procedure you will have to follow and what kind of real estate you can buy. Whether you’re planning to live in Andorra or you’re looking to buy a second home as a real estate investment, this article is for you! Table of Contents Buying a property in Andorra The procedure for acquiring a property in …

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Andorra to cap interchange fees for card-based payment transactions

The Government of Andorra is passing a bill to cap the maximum percentage that can be charged for interchange fees on card-based payment transactions. The Law on interchange fees for card-based payment transactions will standardise bank commissions for operations carried out in Andorra and reduce costs for online and offline businesses. Table of Contents: Law on interchange fees for card-based payment transactions Capping the fees applied to card payments What are interchange fees? A measure that will help commerce E-commerce …

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The new international agreement on Corporation Tax will not affect Andorra.

A new reform of the tax system, driven by the G-7 countries, is imminent. This is the result of an international agreement to maintain a worldwide minimum rate of corporation tax. In fact, countries from the G-20 and institutions such as the OECD and the European Union have been searching for this agreement for years. Although it is expected to be a reform that will be implemented by most of the states that are members of those organizations, it will not …

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New portal for filing tax returns online in Andorra

Desde el pasado mes de julio, ya es posible hacer la declaración en línea de dos otros impuestos de Andorra. Since last July, it has been possible to file two other Andorran taxes online. In June, the Andorran Cabinet of Ministers approved the modification of the regulations for corporate income tax and income tax for non-resident taxpayers to allow the filing of returns through a new web portal.  This follows on from the personal income tax (IRPF), which it has …

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Andorra rated BBB/A-2 by Standard & Poor’s

The most recent rating from the international agency Standard & Poor’s maintains Andorra’s rating at BBB/A-2 with the outlook assessment remaining stable. The principality received the same score from Standard & Poor’s in 2017, and has maintained it since then in the subsequent half-yearly results published each year in January and July.   Fitch Ratings, another leading credit and risk rating agency, kept Andorra at BBB+ and also concurred with S&P about its stable outlook. In the post-pandemic context in …

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Is Andorra a sovereign country or does it belong to Spain or France?

In the heart of the Pyrenees, sharing borders with Spain and France, lies Andorra, one of the smallest countries in the world. Its area is only 468 km2, but it has managed to preserve its autonomy. One of the recurring questions when talking about Andorra is whether it belongs to Spain or France. Let’s quickly find out: Andorra is an independent country, often described as “a little jewel in the mountains”. Contents: 1.- Andorra, the only co-principality in the world …

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