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Tax residency in Andorra for traders, advisors, models, YouTubers, influencers or programmers

It is a fact that residing in Andorra on a permanent basis is a very attractive option for some citizens of Spain, France and other European countries. In addition to a high quality of life and the enchanting landscapes, Andorra offers them the opportunity to pay less tax on the income derived from their wealth or professional activities than they otherwise would in their country of origin. We have already taken an in-depth look at the benefits of tax residency …

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Passive residency in Andorra

Andorra offers two different types of residence permits: active residency (linked to a work permit in the principality) and tax residency (also known as passive residency). In the last decade, the legislative evolution of Andorra in terms of tax matters has led to increased interest in obtaining tax residency in the country, especially among businesspeople, elite sportspersons and public figures. Acquiring a residence permit is essential for any foreigner who spends more than 90 days a year in Andorra. Residency …

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