Andorra could leave the coronavirus behind in less than a month


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If the situation continues as it has so far, Andorra will be among the first countries in the world to leave the coronavirus behind, making it one of the safest countries in which to establish a permanent residence.

Andorra, one of the first countries in the world to leave the coronavirus behind

According to a study by the University of Singapore, the principality could be declared free of COVID-19 on 3 June this year. In contrast, Spain and France are expected to reach this milestone on 7 and 5 August respectively.
These data come from the aforementioned study conducted at the beginning of May 2020. It was developed from a predictive model of the lifecycle of the pandemic and its various phases, and provides estimated forecasts for the end of this global epidemic in all countries of the world.

Mass antibody testing of the entire population

Andorra is at the forefront of tests and studies to understand the true extent of this disease. For this reason, free and voluntary antibody tests are being carried out on the entire population.
The tests began in the first week of May with more than 75% of the country’s residents registering voluntarily (around 60,000 people from a total population of 77,000). Throughout the whole of this month, two quick tests will be performed on each individual 15 days apart. These tests will allow us to precisely assess the status of the coronavirus in the country.

Interest in coming to live in Andorra

News of the effective management of the pandemic by the Andorran authorities has spread across our borders, leading to an increase in enquiries regarding buying property in the principality. The Association of Real Estate Agents of the Principality of Andorra (AGIA) has confirmed the growing interest in residing in Andorra. Many people have become informed about the possibility of buying a house in Andorra, mainly attracted by the perception of health security.

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