Living in Andorra: a country that’s safe from COVID-19


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Living and settling in Andorra has always been a great option due to its many attractions and the quality of life it provides its inhabitants. And now it’s a safe country that has proven its ability to fight the coronavirus pandemic and emerged with an enhanced international image. All this is thanks to the safety and prevention measures that were implemented over the last few months, and the new ones that continue to be applied to contain the spread of COVID-19.

A responsible country

We did the right thing! With the government issued decree that led to the closure of all activities and schools, and the rapid total lockdown of the entire population (excluding activities and basic necessities), Andorra has been able to prevent the collapse of its health system. In addition, to keep medical activity at full capacity and in anticipation of potential casualties among our healthcare workers, extra medical personnel were temporarily hired to reinforce staffing. New technical hospital equipment was also purchased in preparation for any unforeseen events.

The easing of lockdown, return to activity and economic reactivation were implemented gradually until 1 June, when all businesses were able to reopen. The country reopened its borders and allowed free movement with France on the same day, and then with Spain on 21 June. Now you can move freely and visit Andorra without any restrictions.

A benchmark case

Andorra has been a pioneer country, carrying out an antibody study to help gain a first-hand understanding of the spread of the disease. In May, tests were conducted on more than 80% of the total population, not only those with symptoms. Two tests were performed on each individual, 14 days apart, to obtain more accurate data on the status of the population.

These tests were quick, free and conducted at checkpoints throughout the country. Subjects received their results via SMS in less than 48 hours. In the event of a positive result, the individual was quickly contacted for further testing.

Andorra is one of the safest countries in the world!

This was confirmed by the creators of the website Travel Risk Map, which assesses factors such as safety, medical risk and road accident statistics in countries across the world. And indeed, we are on a par with countries like Switzerland, Luxembourg, Finland and Denmark.

Other advantages of living in Andorra

Apart from being a safe country to live in, it is worth remembering that Andorra offers many tax advantages to its residents and companies:

– The Andorran corporate tax rate is a maximum of 10%.

– Andorran IGI (VAT) is only 4.5%, the lowest in Europe.

– The annual maintenance fees for a company are under 850 euros.

– Social security contributions are around 15.5%, half of that in Spain or France.

After COVID-19, Andorra is reaffirming its position as a safe and responsible country that offers many advantages, both for living and for setting up a business.

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