Andorra is no longer a tax haven, but it still retains its investment appeal


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The days when Andorra featured on the EU list of tax havens are long gone. The legal tax reforms introduced in Andorra and the creation of a tax system that is equivalent to the European one have helped to remove the country from the black list. Nevertheless, our country is still a highly attractive option for foreign investment.

Simple foreign investment

If a company wishes to base itself in Andorra, it can be very easy to accomplish. Although companies must have physical headquarters in the country and an active worker, they are no longer required to have an Andorran partner in the business. A low rate of taxation and the signing of agreements with Spain, France and other countries to prevent double taxation make this a perfect location for companies and subsidiaries.

Maximum 10% corporate tax

One of the main incentives promoted by the Andorran Government is the establishment of a 10% corporate tax on benefits, a percentage that is even lower in some sectors, at only 2%! In addition, companies can benefit from specific exemptions during the first two years of operation.

Especially attractive for international companies

Fiscal transparency at a European level and the low tax burden make Andorra an excellent choice for international trade-oriented businesses, financial investments and export subsidiaries.

If you are considering starting a business in these areas, or you already have one but you believe Spanish taxation is too high, Andorra is an excellent solution.

You can consult us free of any obligations and we will inform you of all the tax advantages that Andorra provides so you can be assured of its excellent competitiveness at a European level, always within the established legal framework. Let’s talk!